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Easy to Use

Club Lemeno is very simple to use and is designed so that the business owner or marketing staff can integrate it into your weekly schedule.

Six easy steps

True Targeting

Target customers better than ever before. Segment Keywords by interest groups to capture attention the right way.

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Marketing Optimized

With narrowcasting your response rate is generally much higher than with a message sent using the general media approach of broadcasting.

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Unlimited Options

Unlimited keywords, QR Codes, frequency, messages, and customers opt-in, opt-out and share your message with their friends.

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These are some of the clients using Club Lemeno Text Marketing for their organizations. We are proud to serve a wide variety of quality companies!


The Life of a Newspaper Ad

The Life of a Newspaper Ad

Dave February 16, 2014
Just a Good Deal, Please…

Just a Good Deal, Please…

Dave February 10, 2014
6 Simple Steps to Text Marketing

6 Simple Steps to Text Marketing

Dave February 1, 2014

Go Far Beyond Social Media Marketing!

Dave January 29, 2014

Text Message Success Rates

Read Rate 95%
Response Rates 50%
Email Open Rates 10%
Average Rating 97%
Client Retention 98%

Text Message Marketing Made Easy and Affordable

Pay As You Go solution for text message marketing from Club Lemeno. Specializing in the most direct, instant contact with your customers available. It’s easy…your customers ‘opt in’ for a tailored response message that they want. Reach out to them with a call to action on their mobile phone. 95% read rate. 20% to 50% response rate.

Keeping patrons engaged is essential. With e-blast lists the read rate is only about 40%. With text messaging its 95%! With a short text message your patrons will get the message and be incentivized to respond. Make your text message list a VIP ‘first to know” list. Learn More! For the Arts
Traditional promotions require substantial ‘out of pocket’. It is often difficult to tell which of your efforts are resulting in the most ticket sales. Club Lemeno keeps your costs low, you can view results in real time and make adjustments instantly as needed to maximize the impact. Learn More! Entertainment Venues
Patrons join your VIP text list because they know you will be sending them special offers right to their mobile phone. Some popular uses include drink specials, discount codes , exclusive menu items and last minute reservations for those slow nights. Learn More! Restaurants & Bars
With our unlimited keyword and QR code feature you can post that day’s code at the entrance and send real time texts on last minute specials. By charging a nominal fee to vendors for this service organizers can add to their bottom line. Learn More! Farmer's Markets & Street Fairs
Whether you are putting on a run, a convention or a chili cook off, Club Lemeno allows you to contact vendors and participants when you need to before, during and after the event. Easily build your data base for future events. Learn More! Events
People join organizations to receive information or to support a cause. Newsletters, e-blasts…even committee meetings, have all played a role in informing and engaging members. The faster you can get information to your members, the more likely they will be engaged and continue their support. Learn More! Non-Profit Organizations
Running a performing arts center today is a challenge at best; even with strong benefactors, government support and generous patrons. Getting the word out to the right audience especially for your more eclectic offerings is a snap with Club Lemeno. Learn More! Performing Arts Centers
Text messaging is a perfect solution for both marketing (to your spectators and fans) and communicating with your players and staff. Learn More! Sports and Teams
Build your fan base. Sell tickets, CDs and merchandise. Bring more value and professionalism to your act. Promoters will notice that you take an active role in developing your career. Learn More! Bands and Entertainers
With club LEMENO’s quick, easy and economical text messaging program you connect with your guests immediately…on their cell phone. Easy, one-time opt-in for guests. Learn More! Hotels and B&Bs

prospic1Club Lemeno is about strategic engagement marketing – not sending random text messages. Your customers have opted-in, are looking forward to receiving messages from you. Club Lemeno is a text message marketing service designed for the small to medium size business. Club Lemeno uses a short message system (SMS) to send text messages featuring your special offers to your customers who have opted-in and are looking forward to hearing from you.

Hello, Dave Ish here. I’m the founder and CEO of Club Lemeno. I had a very successful 33 year career leading non-profit organizations promoting local business communities. I started Club Lemeno to help you.  If you are not actively engaging in text message marketing, there’s a good chance your competition is – or soon will be. Don’t wait. Click the Contact link. We are here to help every step of the way. We can even manage your campaigns for you!  Meet the Founder 

  • You can reach-out to your customers directly with a highly targeted call-to-action.
  • You can get cash flowing NOW. Your audience can respond to your offer right away – and make a purchase directly from their mobile device.
  • You don’t need any special software. You can launch campaigns from anywhere you have internet service.

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